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Kuramo Capital Management is a leading independent global investment management firm. >
Kuramo Capital Management is a leading independent global investment management firm. - Kuramo Capital specializes in investment opportunities in sub-Sahara Africa. As of 2010, sub-Saharan Africa's diverse and robust economies represented six of the ten fastest-growing countries in the world. Establishing new offices in Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria, the firm is a thought leade... read more
Industries: Financial Services
The UK's leading consumer finance and loan site.>
The UK's leading consumer finance and loan site. - A licensed credit broker based in the United Kingdom, currently leads the online consumer-loan market as one of the nation's fastest-growing loan websites. The company seeks to assist clients who are searching for the right loan for their circumstances in a market comprised of more than... read more
Industries: Business, Financial Services, Finance and Banking
Managing Partner>
Managing Partner - Jett Capital Management is a Leading International Corporate Finance Boutique Since our establishment in 1996, we have been at the forefront of developing financial solutions for mid-market transactions. Offering world-class corporate advisory services in areas of capital fundraising for develop... read more
Industries: Business, Banking, Entrepreneur, Financial Services, Professional Services
One of the UK’s leading credit brokers - Enhance Financial Services, one of the UK’s leading credit brokers, leverages more than 30 years’ experience in the financial industry. The company connects clients looking for consumer credit to institutions and lenders able to provide the loan. A licensed credit broker, the company ca... read more
Industries: Financial Services> -, an Aspire Financial, Inc. company, is a mortgage banker headquartered in Dallas, Texas. CEO Kevin Miller founded the firm in 2001 after seeing a need for solid residential financing options in Texas and beyond. is recognized as a leader in the industry and has earn... read more
Industries: Finance and Banking, Banking, Financial Services, Business
Distressed Asset Experts - Since its inception in 1993, Fidelity Partners, Inc., now known as The Reliant Group, has worked with private sellers, government agencies, mutual funds, foreign corporations, and a variety of major companies to purchase distressed assets and implement “hands on” problem-solving stra... read more
Industries: Financial Services
Get a car, get a quote, get it here. >
Get a car, get a quote, get it here. - was founded in 2011, by Steffen Heringhaus, assembling a team of veteran insurance agents and car fanatics from the U.S. with an excellent and proven track record of helping clients with their individual needs. The external partners are trusted technology providers with n... read more
Industries: Automotive, Financial Services, Insurance, Insurance, Consumer
Shadowtraders teaches their customers all about daytrading.>
Shadowtraders teaches their customers all about daytrading. - A family run business in operation since 2005, ShadowTraders runs self-paced courses teaching individuals how to trade futures. A global company with students from around the world, the firm has more than 2,000 graduates, all of whom are enrolled indefinitely, and can always return to gain access to... read more
Industries: Education and Training, Financial Services, Finance and Banking, Education
Capitol Securities Management, Inc. is a trusted wealth management firm. - Capitol Securities Management, Inc. works with individuals, midsized companies, and high-powered corporations, providing expert skills, experience, and resources required to deliver comprehensive and customized strategies for its clients. A trusted wealth management firm for almost three decades, t... read more
Industries: Financial Services
Mark Gremler is an active financial professional who mentors others on how to achieve greatness!>
Mark Gremler is an active financial professional who mentors others on how to achieve greatness! - Mark Gremler knows what it takes to build a successful financial services practice. He has mentored and supported many advisors, shared his marketing strategies and had the pleasure of watching them succeed. After you see how we run our business, we hope you will choose to join us and be a par... read more
Industries: Marketing, Insurance, Financial Services, Education and Training
 Pacific Business Capital Corporation>
Pacific Business Capital Corporation - Founded in 1989, Pacific Business Capital Corporation has been providing fast and efficient factoring of receivables and other asset-based funding for clients across the United States, having assisted hundreds of businesses nationwide with this form of financing. A direct lender, PBCC provides many ... read more
Industries: Accounting, Financial Services, Business
Federated Payment Systems LLC, merchant Services Firm>
Federated Payment Systems LLC, merchant Services Firm - A provider of electronic payment solutions and merchant services, Federated Payment Systems was established in 1999. Founded by its President, John Guirguis, the company gained additional executive management support by its Chief Executive Officer, Jon Levitt. Since its inception, Federated Payment ... read more
Industries: Consumer, Financial Services, Banking, Business
Missed Fortune>
Missed Fortune - Missed Fortune is an asset optimization strategy created by esteemed financial planner Douglas Andrew and based on his best-selling books, Missed Fortune and Missed Fortune 101. In the Missed Fortune curriculum, Andrew explains how prudent individuals can maximize their rate of return while minimizi... read more
Industries: Financial Services, Business
Integrated Card Service>
Integrated Card Service - Developed around an innovative suite of software programs, Integrated Card Service offers affordable, secure, and easy to implement credit card processing solutions.The company emphasizes high customer responsiveness, with merchant experts helping clients increase revenues and protect the corporate ... read more
Industries: Financial Services, Business
Independent Insurance Brokers>
Independent Insurance Brokers - Haden Welbeck was established as an insurance broker in 1979 and continues to operate as a specialist independent insurance broker. Our UK based team are friendly and approachable, not to mention highly knowledgable about the insurance industry. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Ser... read more
Industries: Insurance, Insurance, Financial Services, Business
A Global Investment Firm>
A Global Investment Firm - A mid-sized investment management firm with a highly diversified portfolio of distressed securities, Contrarian Capital Management identifies and seizes a wide range of investment opportunities in the global marketplace. Founded in 1995 by a team of veteran investment advisers and asset manager... read more
Industries: Financial Services
Compound Stock Earnings>
Compound Stock Earnings - Compound Stock Earnings (CSE) was founded by Joseph Hooper in 1999. The company specializes in educating investors on what is known as the covered call method. The covered call investing procedure involves the investor selling option contracts, rather than the actual stocks. The company conducts s... read more
Industries: Financial Services
Gardnyr Michael Capital>
Gardnyr Michael Capital - Sometimes, communities find themselves in desperate need of financial resources they simply don’t possess. But when these needs are immediate and severe, something must be done. For example, if a water distribution system fails to provide fresh water, repairing that system presents the only op... read more
Industries: Financial Services
Absolute Mortgage Company | CompanyPond - Basing its business model on the premise that it can compete best on low interest rates and fees, the company operates in 24 states under the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System identification number 1103. Absolute Mortgage Company maintains affiliations with several industry groups, including the... read more
Industries: Financial Services
Texas Lending>
Texas Lending - Known to many of its customers as Texas Lending, mortgage banker was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing affordable mortgage rates to future homeowners. Based in Dallas, the company is licensed to close mortgages in nine other states, including Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, ... read more
Industries: Real Estate, Financial Services, Business