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Kauffman's Animal Health Supplements >
Kauffman's Animal Health Supplements - Kauffman's Animal Health, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Leon J. Kauffman as a small family oriented business with the intent to manufacture, package, and market a line of nutritional supplements and premixes aimed at feed manufacturers and feed dealers. The original product line contained premixes... read more
Industries: Animals and Pets, Agriculture
Offering Customers High-Quality Pecans>
Offering Customers High-Quality Pecans - For over 35 years, Harrell Nut Company has taken pride in providing satisfied customers with the highest quality nuts available and meeting every customer need. Selling retail and wholesale, Harrell Nut Company completes every transaction with respect for the customer and with a mission to provi... read more
Industries: Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Business, Retail, Food
Lake Bottom Blanket>
Lake Bottom Blanket - For over 30 years Derma-Safe Company has been providing products to our military and out of necessity (our own weed problems) we started developing lake weed control products. There are two of us leading this development - Warren, the old one, an M.I.T. engineer and Paul, a read more
Industries: Environment, Biotech, Agriculture, Business
Online Heavy Equipment and Machinery Sales>
Online Heavy Equipment and Machinery Sales - Resale Weekly is an online marketplace for new and used heavy equipment and machinery. We help searchers find equipment dealers across the world. Our multi-channel approach enables users to browse our listings using either our monthly catalogue, our website or our iPhone application. We specialise... read more
Industries: Forestry, Transportation and Logistics, Automotive, Agriculture, Online
World’s fourth largest consumer market for organics - China, which is quickly becoming the world’s fourth largest consumer market for organics, owes the majority of its organic agricultural exports to Feicheng Green Organics Inc. In 1994, while exploring organic agricultural production in order to meet export demands, China created and implem... read more
Industries: Agriculture
Home of the Simple, Strong and Affordable Small Farm Tractors and Implements>
Home of the Simple, Strong and Affordable Small Farm Tractors and Implements - Based in Kalama, Washington, Tytan Tractor provides equipment and implements to make work easier for large-scale commercial operations, a farmer with a few acres, or a homeowner with a large garden or backyard. Bringing together old-fashioned quality and the newest technology, Tytan Tractor manu... read more
Industries: Business, Agriculture, Automotive
Grifffith Laboratories>
Grifffith Laboratories - Griffith Laboratories is a global manufacturer of food ingredient systems, supplying leading food processors, restaurant operators, distributors and grocery retailers around the world. Since opening its doors as a family-owned entrepreneurial business in 1919, Griffith Laboratories has expanded... read more
Industries: Entrepreneur, Food and Beverage, Retail, Agriculture, Business
About Venture Farm Maine>
About Venture Farm Maine - Caring and expert equestrians, Ginger Klingenstein-Albert and Mike Albert have operated Venture Farm in Pownal, situated in an area of Maine convenient to a number of colleges and populous areas, for nearly 15 years. Under their ownership, the cutting-edge facility, located on more than 50 pasto... read more
Industries: Agriculture, Animals and Pets