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Any wine lover will most certainly tell you that wine is to be drunk and enjoyed but the Bordeaux Wine Company will tell you that the best wines now command the same respect and admiration as works of art and combining business with pleasure is also a worthwhile venture.

The Bordeaux Wine Company recently hosted a private wine tasting conference in London for its high net-worth customers including a business discussion and the attendance of a guest speaker originating from the Bordeaux region in the southwest of France. 

With the key to success being the best choice of wine, clients had the pleasure of tasting exquisite first great growth wines from Château Moutons Rothschilds and Château Lafite Rothschilds.  These are the widely known wine estates noted in the French wine world for their most flawless of wines.  New wines that have been developed in the USA, Spain, Italy and Australia, were also presented at the conference representing companies such as Vega Sicilia, Tignanello and Harlan. 

A similar prestigious event is planned to take place in Hong Kong in December 2011.

Bordeaux is center of the world’s wine trading and production, dating as far back as the 8th century. Each year major wine producers and wine lovers flock to Bordeaux in order not to miss its annual wine fair.  This specific region provides the perfect climate required for production of a variety of grapes that are turned into some of the best wines the world has to offer.

The Bordeaux Wine Company is an independent online wine merchant with over 2,500 customers in the United Kingdom and Europe and hopes to extend its clientele to the Far East and the USA. Bordeaux Wine Company are experts at yielding the best profit for its customers in an industry with a current market value of 14.5 billion Euro and growing rapidly. 


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