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Bayside Cooling in Kissimmee, Florida, provides round-the-clock service to residential customers from Jacksonville to Miami. Bayside Cooling offers a full range of Heating and Cooling (HVAC) options, as well as duct cleaning and air-purification systems. With its staff of highly trained and certified HVAC professionals, Bayside Cooling stands behind its products and services with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Bayside Cooling offers a comprehensive array of products for health and money-conscious homeowners. Courteous, attentive technicians take the time to talk with customers and to understand each client’s needs and concerns. Before starting any work on a home, Bayside employees make sure they are delivering the precise service requested and then thoroughly explain the procedure to the clients. They always take steps to protect all the rooms and furnishings.

Bayside Cooling carries Air Medics Clean Air Systems, which are of special interest to consumers who worry about airborne mildew, molds, viruses, mites, and bacteria. Air Medics uses a combination of UV lights and air filters to remove debris from the air while eliminating harmful germs. These systems, similar to the ones used in many hospitals, can prevent the spread of airborne infections while reducing dust and other particulate matter. This protects family members from disease and prevents clogged ducts.

Since nine out of ten HVAC failures stem from dust, dirt, and improper maintenance, Bayside’s filter installation service can extend system life while increasing blower efficiency. The company recommends that most systems receive health and safety inspections twice a year to ensure clean air, smooth function, and maximum value.

Homeowners can choose from tiers of service plans to maintain their HVAC and home air-purification systems. In addition, some plans include perks like priority service, a 15 percent discount on any necessary repairs, and automatic reminders of service dates.

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