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Working with a wide range of clients throughout Boston, including rental property owners and condominium associations, Avery Property Management offers reliable and cost-effective services. Avery Property Management realizes that managing a rental unit requires a considerable investment of time and effort. In addition to basic upkeep and carefully monitor billing, tax, payment, and collection cycles, property managers must stay abreast of changes to rental laws. They must also have resources ready at a moment’s notice in case of maintenance emergencies. Rather than balancing these operational details independently, property owners acquire the assistance of well-established specialist firms like Avery Property Management.

Avery Property Management’s preventative maintenance capacities extend to periodic inspection of units. Thorough pre- and post-tenancy checks are accompanied by a written report. In addition, Avery Property Management draws up preventative plans for keeping systems in good condition and maintenance crews complete minor plumbing and electrical repairs at a reasonable hourly wage. Avery Property Management also hires and supervises subcontractors for major work and provides around-the-clock emergency repairs.

Avery Property Management directs tenant screening, sets up and executes leases and deposits in accordance with Massachusetts law, and collects rent. Accounting services extend to monthly payment of bills, including utilities, taxes, and mortgages. Utilizing state-of-the-art software, Avery Property Management clearly documents income and expenses in monthly and annual statements, breaking down these expenditures to show specific repairs, bills, and management fees. Avery Property Management frequently works with condominium associations in ensuring the efficient handling of administrative, maintenance, and repair issues with minimal stress to trustees and owners’ groups.

Avery Property Management’s experience in a variety of Boston neighborhoods ensures the creation of tailored marketing services to attract quality tenants. Upon establishing market value for the client’s rental property, the unit is listed with local real estate agencies as well as through newspaper, online, and community newsletter advertising options. The company screens all prospective tenants through a process involving a personal interview and credit check. Avery Property Management, formerly known as Avery Associates, maintains locations throughout the metropolitan Boston area, including a main office in the city’s South End.

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Founded - 2011
Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private
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