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Atomic Grow

After seven years of university trials and countless grower testimonials, Atomic Grow products are making their mark on the farming industry. Yielding stronger, healthier, hardier crops, Atomic Grow all-natural foliar sprays are designed for cleaner, greener plants without the use of toxic chemicals.

Through this vascular plant technology, Atomic Grow manufacturers at High Yield Industries LLC in Melbourne, Florida, see a change in the future of farming. Use of Atomic Grow sprays allows growers to move away from toxic agro-chemicals to organically based products that mix well with fertilizers and herbicides.

Atomic Grow’s organic crop formula provides for all-natural growth. The products under the Atomic Grow label derive from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-accepted food stock, tree oils, sugar, ammonia, and corn. The manufacturers of Atomic Grow guarantee that the ingredients are 100 percent U.S. FDA Everything Added to Food in the United States (EAFUS) database food additives. The micro-particles enter plant cells, and then the ingredients provide energy and stimulation to the cells. This in turn provides an increased sugar level, in a process known as brix production, which allows for greater photosynthesis.

Benefits to Atomic Grow users include healthier plants and a reportedly faster growth rate. According to manufacturers, some growers have noted as much as 33 percent faster production with fewer problems from plant disease and insects when using Atomic Grow.

The product was first used by Jim Shellenback Jr., who was central to its development. Mr. Shellenback, the Chief Financial Officer for High Yield Industries LLC, has used Atomic Grow in his landscaping business for 10 years. An entrepreneur who developed the start-up company in 1998, he marketed Atomic Grow to large fertilizer companies and watched the company’s revenues rise as the product became more nationally recognized.

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