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Many medical residencies in the United States are beginning to require that International Medical Graduate (IMG) candidates have hands-on experience with the American health care system. AmeriClerkships Medical Society offers applicants a number of clerkship opportunities designed to help them acquire the practical experience necessary for their residencies.

AmeriClerkships’ programs take place in hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors’ offices under the supervision of licensed physicians. At the conclusion of their clerkships, participants may request a letter of recommendation from their supervising physician.

The experience gained in an AmeriClerkships program helps IMGs avoid the problems experienced by many international residents, including a lack of familiarity with American procedures and diagnostics, communication difficulties, and cultural differences. By giving IMGs exposure to the U.S. health care system prior to beginning their residencies, AmeriClerkships prepares them with the skills and experience needed to confront the many challenges of a medical residency in the United States.

In addition to familiarizing IMGs with the American medical system in general, AmeriClerkships’ programs offer experience with the atmosphere and procedures in a variety of settings, including nursing homes, teaching and inpatient hospitals. The program also provides IMG applicants with personalized assistance from former U.S. medical residency admission committee members in preparing their program applications. Finally, the AmeriClerkships system includes access to flexible, comprehensive, online test preparation materials for the United States Medical Licensing Examination through Kaplan Center.

Acculturation with an AmeriClerkships program can make the difference for international residency applicants, setting their applications apart and clearly demonstrating both their medical skills and their aptitude for treating patients in the United States.

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