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The Alia Law Group, a specialized foreclosure consulting company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offers negotiation services pertaining to loan restructuring and mortgage law. Through concentration on a single practice area, the Alia Law Group provides its clients with experienced and knowledgeable defense against unnecessary foreclosure and unethical lending practices. The Alia Law Group helps homeowners renegotiate their mortgage principal and payments, recover from outstanding payment penalties and fees, and prevent their homes from entering the foreclosure process. Alia Law Group assists clients at every level of foreclosure or mortgage default with no upfront fees.     

Homeowners often encounter extreme disorganization, stalling, or intentional delays when requesting modifications from a mortgage company. The Alia Law Group understands that restructuring a mortgage requires experienced negotiations with the mortgage lender, which sometimes proves to be risky for homeowners without legal representation. Without a knowledgeable party involved, mortgage holders may offer a modification and later rescind the offer or knowingly put a homeowner at risk for default or foreclosure. The Alia Law Group endeavors to ensure that its clients avoid stalling or delay treatment from mortgage companies.

Predatory lending practices represent another reason why homeowners seek professional consultation in restructuring a mortgage. One in 10 homeowners fall behind on monthly mortgage payments, and the Alia Law Group can help determine if abusive lending has occurred and possibly prevent foreclosure. The Alia Law Group also offers assistance for homeowners trapped in adjustable rate mortgages. According to research by the Alia Law Group, more than 90 percent of adjustable rate mortgages contain illegal flaws that occurred in documentation or other stages of the loan process. In recent years, the national rate of foreclosures and defaults has increased due to the housing market downturn. Almost one in six homeowners owe more on their mortgages than the real estate value of their houses, but with legal grounds, the Alia Law Group can help restructure mortgages even if they had already undergone a previous modification.

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Founded - 2011
Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Public Company
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