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Most companies develop slogans to help them sell products. A catchy phrase can do more than just boost sales, however. A truly great slogan, like the one used by Advanced BioNutrition Corp., can help the company quickly explain what it does. The sales staff of Advanced BioNutrition Corp. often tells potential customers that the company provides "solutions that deliver." This phrase perfectly encapsulates what Advanced BioNutrition Corp. does on a daily basis.

Advanced BioNutrition Corp's signature product, known as MicroMatrix, is a delivery system for vaccines and nutrients. A company might develop an innovative vaccine for a fish virus, for example, and the Advanced BioNutrition Corp’s MicroMatrix system can preserve the vaccine and keep potency high.

The MicroMatrix system allows the farmer to add the vaccine directly to the feed for an oral delivery instead of injecting the vaccine directly into fish. As this example demonstrates, the slogan from Advanced BioNutrition Corp. perfectly describes what the company does for clients. 


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Company Snapshot

Founded - 2001
Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

Contact Info

Advanced BioNutrition Corp.
7155 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046-2543 US

+1 (410) 730-8600

email advancedbionutritioncorp@