Admired Services Electronic Components - Hard-to-Find Electronic Components and Hardware for Maintenance and Manufacturing

Admired Services Electronic Components

Founded in 2009, Admired Services Electronic Components is a reliable source to purchase electronic parts used in all types of maintenance and manufacturing applications.  Current and factory new products are available directly from stock, and through strategic partnerships within the distribution supply chain.  If obsolete or hard-to-find parts are what you require, Admired Services can help as well.  As a specialist in procuring and supplying obsolete parts, the best option to fill your requirements and keep your production on schedule stops here.  Only high-quality and highly-reliable components are supplied, again, direct from stock or through a trusted and proven supply chain.  The goal is to build a long-term relationship between supplier and customer in order form a partnership both parties benefit from for years to come.  Premium customer service shows the level of commitment necessary for working relationships to move forward and prosper.

It is very important to purchase from a supplier that you know and can trust.  Reliable distributors follow specific guidelines in order to guarantee the quality necessary.  In many cases, traceability and certification documents are available by request to accompany your electronic hardware or components.  Testing and special packaging are available as well from your trusted distributor.

Admired Services Electronic Components serves a wide variety of customers seeking components for many different types of applications.  Some of the industries served include Military, Aerospace and Aviation, Automotive, Industrial, Commercial, Medical and Consumer.  Some requirements are based on new manufacturing needs while others on repair.  In a situation that an electronic device or assembly needs repaired it is common that the parts necessary are no longer in production and obsolete - making these parts extremely hard-to-find and delay production.  Admired Services has the ability to supply the obsolete components needed to make the repair on time.  The other option is usually much more expensive and time consuming, and many times involves re-engineering.

Popular products requested for supply include Semiconductors, Connectors, Diodes, ICs, Flash Memory, Mil-Spec parts and other Electronic Hardware.  In most situations these products are supplied in factory new condition directly from stock.  On occasion, in obsolete part procurement, refurbished or new surplus parts may be offered as well.  If parts are in any condition other than factory new, the customer will be notified before delivery and an extended warranty on form, fit and function will be offered to reduce risk.

Support small business;  As a HUBZone Certified, Woman Owned and Small Disadvantaged Business, Admired Services takes pride in being a small business and contributing to the community by offering job opportunities.  Contact your local SBA for more information on Small Business Certifications and programs available.

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