VPI Investments - LLC

Possessing nearly 10 years of professional experience in the vacation rental and real estate industries, VPI Investments currently serves as the number 1 vacation destination provider. In this role, VPI leads the world’s most promising up-and-coming hospitality companies for providing high-quality vacation rentals and their accompanying services. Dedicated to delivering a relaxing vacation experience to it’s customers, VPI Investments manages all operations with an impressive alacrity and efficiency that ensures customer satisfaction. Under it’s 28 regional members keen guidance, VPI Investments eliminates any potential hassles with simply shifting the customer’s focus firmly to vacation enjoyment.

VPI Investments gain it’s experience in Miami Beach, Florida, excelling in hospitality and tourism management. Committed to this professional excellence, VPI Investments holds the proud title of one of the fastest growing travel corporations in the country.

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Company Snapshot

Founded - 1999
Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Self-Employed
Funding - Private

Contact Info

Coporate Address
1500 Bay Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139 USA

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