Upstate Management Services, LLC - Dedicated to Preserving Clients' Images and Reputations

Committed to upholding the highest ethical and industry standards, Upstate Management Services strives to secure all debts in a prompt, professional, and positive manner. By incorporating a comprehensive set of proven debt collection tactics and advanced computer systems, Upstate Management Services can help businesses, medical providers, and individuals gain the maximum amount of remittance possible.

With an extensive legal knowledge of all debt collection procedures, Upstate Management Services can actively pursue all accounts to the fullest extent of the law through skip tracing, collection letters, and face-to-face contact with the debtor. If an acceptable debt settlement cannot be made, Upstate Management Services can also begin the litigation process when authorized to do so. Committed to serving the unique interests of every client, Upstate Management Services manages each account on a case-by-case basis. No client is too big or too small, and Upstate Management Services only accepts fees after a debt is settled.

To ensure quality, Upstate Management Services, LLC, operates in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and complies with all Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act regulations. Upstate Management Services also maintains a staff of account executives to assist clients with questions regarding their accounts and to provide monthly updates. As both a consumer and commercial third-party collections agency, Upstate Management Services is currently licensed in several states and can acquire further licensing to serve additional clients across the nation. More information on Upstate Management Services can be found online at

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