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Over the last 28 years, The Option Institute has helped countless individuals through self-improvement seminars and workshops. Based in Sheffield, Massachusetts, The Option Institute provides clients with tools to maintain healthy relationships, experience a greater sense of work satisfaction, and live gratifying lives. Best-selling author Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman established The Option Institute to share key lessons in personal development after teaching The Option Process for 11 years. The Option Institute sits on 100 beautiful acres near the Berkshires. With more than 75 full-time staff members, The Option Institute serves a diverse clientele from more than 80 countries. Pioneers in their field, the Kaufmans also founded a groundbreaking healing method for autistic individuals, The Son-Rise Program, offered through a division of The Option Institute called the Autism Treatment Center of America. The Kaufmans developed these teachings after guiding their autistic son Raun to a complete recovery. Raun currently serves as Director of Global Education at The Option Institute and the Autism Treatment Center of America. In addition to instructing courses at The Option Institute, Raun travels around the globe, sharing stories and support for parents of children with developmental challenges. To date, more than 25,000 families have benefited from The Son-Rise Program. The Option Institute emphasizes that happiness is a choice and that every individual can choose to foster a positive mindset when dealing with struggles. Clients also learn to trust themselves instead of looking to experts for answers. Teachers at The Option Institute help participants identify and challenge limiting beliefs to experience increased well-being and strength, with less judgment and self-critique. The program highlights how anyone can release a victim mindset and embrace an empowered perspective to experience authentic, sustainable happiness. To learn more about the courses offered through The Option Institute, visit

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