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In 1991, Roy Helsing founded The Helsing Group, Inc., which represents the culmination of a lifetime of experience in the development industry. The consulting firm, which specializes in common interest developments in California, employs individuals who are well versed in Department of Real Estate (DRE) budgets and processing, homeowners associations, and construction management. The Founder and CEO of The Helsing Group has held various leadership positions within the Building Industry Association Department of Real Estate. His work in these positions has helped to improve policies on real estate budgeting and processing. The founder of The Helsing Group is also involved in homeowners organizations, assuming leadership positions within the California Association of Community Managers, Inc. Holding a Master’s degree from Washington State University, Roy Helsing has given lectures and written articles that represent both homeowners and developers. The Helsing Group has worked with more than 1,500 mixed-use, high-rise, master planned community, and condominium developments. Once developers contract with The Helsing Group, they are guided through each step of the development’s creation. This includes gaining approval, transferring authority to homeowners, and managing the community long-term. The Helsing Group provides financial services, administration, and property management for the development. The Helsing Group also specializes in online training, maintenance manuals, election services, bookkeeping services, board training, association setup, DRE budgets, and reserve studies. The Helsing Group has completed more than 5,000 reserve studies over the past 10 years and was instrumental in establishing study standards in conjunction with the Community Associations Institute and the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts.

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