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For anyone who has ever dreamed of living and working overseas, TeleportMyJob stands out as an innovative service to connect job seekers with prospective international employers. T

eleportMyJob has an extensive network of human resources managers, employment agencies, and company directors in some of the fastest growing and most cosmopolitan cities of the world. Many employers in the world’s most exciting cities find it difficult to recruit talented professionals from within the local workforce. TeleportMyJob helps job hunters gain access to these overseas placements. 

TeleportMyJob breaks down the international job market according to specific criteria that make cities attractive to job seekers. TeleportMyJob identifies some cities, such as Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, and Dublin, as Leading Cities. Leading Cities are characterized as regional leaders in several sectors. They enjoy economies that are undergoing rapid growth, and they offer a significant number of job openings. 

Then, TeleportMyJob identifies Fast Growing Cities, such as Dubai, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi. Fast Growing Cities feature expansive growth in three or more employment sectors. They also import a significant percentage of their workforce from other countries. Moreover, Fast Growing Cities maintain active, citywide development plans. 

Finally, there are cities that TeleportMyJob classifies as Alive Cities, including Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, and Montreal. Alive Cities are multicultural and welcoming to newcomers, and their job markets continue to be lively and easily accessed. In addition, these cities include diverse populations and varied opportunities for recreational activity. 

A member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC), TeleportMyJob offers an extensive array of CV and résumé writing services.

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