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Student Financial Aid Services, Inc., has more than 20 years of experience in assisting students and their families in filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The company's focus is on aiding students achieve their educational dreams by helping them access the maximum amount of federal aid possible.

Unfortunately, more than 2 million American students miss out on receiving Pell Grants each year while nearly as many fail to file FAFSA documents, mistakenly believing themselves ineligible for aid. Student Financial Aid Services offers online and telephone-based consultative solutions with nearly 300 student aid advisors working with clients to ensure proper completion of the 140-question form.

The FAFSA application can be more complex than federal income tax forms, and in many cases, advisors work with multiple parties throughout the process. The advisors consult with divorced parents, stepparents, and accountants to make sure that every necessary piece of tax, financial, and dependency information is correctly inputted. In addition, assistance is available in Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, and several Asian languages. 

Student Financial Aid Services designs its professional assistance to be reasonable and within most students and families’ budgets. Maintaining the most comprehensive state and college filing database in the United States, the firm offers priority filing to clients facing imminent deadlines. All completed FAFSA forms are initially reviewed for accuracy by a student aid advisor and then put through the firm’s computer-based FAFSACheck™ system, which utilizes a proprietary 450-point error detection system.

The firm also offers low-income families the Access for All program, providing and supporting a number of free college planning and FAFSA services. 

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Founded - 1991
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