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Leading results-driven, comprehensive marketing and advertising firm Source Marketing, Douglas Ascher offers clients an opportunity to increase sales and customers with no financial risk. Douglas Ascher utilizes a collaborative approach with clients to understand their objectives and desires. With an array of programs, including market research and community awareness events, Douglas Ascher builds brand recognition among local consumers and businesses. Boasting a varied and vast portfolio of clients, Douglas Ascher and Source Marketing have served luxury spas, premium golf courses and restaurants, leading retailers, and professional sports teams across the United States. Prior strategies practiced by Douglas Ascher and Source Marketing have included providing and distributing unused inventory to stimulate further business. After repackaging products or services, Douglas Ascher offers the items at a fraction of the original cost to consumers within the targeted demographic. Providing discounts, Douglas Ascher builds a new customer base and maintains current customer support and loyalty. Over the last 2 years, Douglas Ascher and Source Marketing have gained over 300 new clients due to the improved consumer performance the firm has obtained for other companies. Douglas Ascher believes in a beneficial philosophy for clients, customers, and the Source Marketing team and has succeeded through synergistic methods of marketing programs. Continuing to expand his business, Douglas Ascher has expanded Source Marketing’s offices from its original California headquarters to locations across the country, including North Carolina and Illinois. To learn more about Douglas Ascher or to contact a Source Marketing associate, please visit

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Douglas Ascher
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