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Security Marketing Concepts

As an agency engaged in staffing and employee leasing, Security Marketing Concepts, or SMC, offers specialized support to client companies involved in technologically advanced electronic protection systems. Based in Newport Beach, California, SMC draws from an international pool of qualified candidates. Security Marketing Concepts has earned a place as one of the leading providers of talented personnel targeted specifically to a client company’s needs. All SMC employees qualify for an extensive array of benefits, including health care, paid vacations, and a 401(k) retirement plan. Dedicated to remaining at the forefront of its niche industry, Security Marketing Concepts maintains programs for the continued professional education of its staff. This includes extensive training in the Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning system. Through this network, more generally referred to as the ERP system, Security Marketing Concepts employees can assist a business in linking the control of a variety of business activities, including purchasing, production, and order fulfillment. The ERP system also provides for more functional planning, reporting, and tracking. SMC designs its training programs specifically to meet the needs of client companies. In April 2011, Security Marketing Concepts will represent clients at the International Security Conference & Expo West event in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the world of protection and safety, this gathering stands as one of the premier trade shows. Active and respected within the industry, Security Marketing Concepts has sent personnel to this conference every year for more than a decade. Security Marketing Concepts offers a wide selection of employees for lease, each of whom operates with a distinct, specialized set of abilities. An expert in administration and logistics, SMC employee Erica Uyane recently earned a place as the head of a client company’s accounting department. Before taking on the role, Ms. Uyane received extensive training in the use of the accounting system recently installed by the client company. Other employees offer a range of specific skills. Employees leased by Security Marketing Concepts can earn promotions within the client company.

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