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Serving the needs of every client, SCOUT Home Staging integrates a fine-tuned design aesthetic with the unique attributes of each and every space, compelling buyers to see a home, not simply a property. Beyond a sales flier or online listing, today’s market requires something special to inspire a home purchase. Paul S. Silvera, owner of SCOUT Home Staging, specializes in transforming client homes into attractive and enticing pieces of real estate. With a proven record of knowing what sells, SCOUT Home Staging utilizes Paul S. Silvera’s years of experience in transformative decorating strategy and extensive knowledge of the real estate market. Additionally, SCOUT Home Staging understands the unique offerings of each individual home, assessing the passions of potential buyers and incorporating these features into stylish, livable spaces. The SCOUT Home Staging property preparation program provides superior cleaning services that leave floors, windows, walls, and carpets immaculate. Up-to-date lighting also remains a standard service, along with hardware updates, custom palette paint options, and furniture additions. Clients who utilize SCOUT Home Staging’s services also receive a 20-percent discount towards paint, textiles, lighting, and fixtures. Recent projects completed by SCOUT Home Staging have included bungalow, cottage, modern, loft, traditional, and eclectic motifs. Carrying broad appeal, these styles can be applied to any living space, taking full advantage of the layout, feel, and surrounding environment. Whether they desire glamour, comfort, or minimalist elegance, each client benefits from the vast knowledge and expertise with which SCOUT Home Staging operates. Setting each home apart from all the rest, SCOUT Home Staging remains the definitive choice for staging a home that sells.

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