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Born and raised in Lviv,Ukraine,Iryna Kucherenko quickly realized that audio was the path she wanted to follow.And rightfully so-what else gives you a constant opportunity to play with a soldering iron and still hold a seat in the creative world?

She has heard/done it all-from production to post,the treacherous paths of  the audio-visual industry to SFX recording(Iryna co-opened  WaveBreach inc-an audio production company specializing in recording SFX libraries).Being familiar with the numerous problems of the industry first-hand ,Iryna decided that it’s time for a solution.Thus Prime Sound Productions was established in February 2010.


Prime Sound Productions was created foremost as a company that advocates the importance of audio in visual media projects not just among the “outsiders” of the industry,but within the audio-community itself.By building a strong fellowship, promoting education and fairly-paid employment,we will be able to put a new face on sound. A great  big happy face,if you will.


All great things started with an idea. A somewhat ambitious idea,that some might call crazy.We hope you will give us the pleasure of  coming along  for the ride.


Think of us as your personal audio-fairy-god-parents .We'll take the problem solving out of your hands and leave you to what's really important-creativity.Let's face it audio is 50 percent of your visual project.And we'll help you make sure that there are no pumpkins at the end of the road.So there you have it-send us an email and go out tan on the beach,cause you now have the time to do it! the very least you now have more time to day-dream about it.

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