Plant City Pediatrics - Serves a wide range of children and their parents in the region surrounding Plant City, Florida.

Plant City Pediatrics

In 2002, Dr. Timothy Williams founded Plant City Pediatrics in the small suburban town of the same name outside of Tampa, Florida. Raised in Bradenton, Florida, Dr. Williams and his wife moved to Plant City in 1998, a few years after he completed his U.S. Army service. The launch of Plant City Pediatrics served as a culminating point in the career of Dr. Timothy Williams. Originally imagining himself in a teaching career, Dr. Williams took his Bachelor of Arts in Science Education from the University of South Florida.

The founder of Plant City Pediatrics went on to enroll in a graduate program at the University of Central Florida. Following the conferral of his Master’s degree in Education, Dr. Williams taught high school classes in most areas of science. After three years, he went back to school to earn his medical degree. Dr. Williams’ years in education have given him greater insight into his young patients at Plant City Pediatrics and improved his ability to communicate information effectively to young people and parents alike.

Matriculating at the Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine (NSU-COM), Plant City Pediatrics founder Dr. Timothy Williams completed a rigorous medical curriculum and secured his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in 1993. He then served his three-year pediatric residency at Brooke Army/San Antonio Medical Center (BAMC - SAMMC) at Fort Sam Houston. In 1996, Dr. Williams relocated to Fort Knock, Kentucky, to fulfill his service pledge to the United States Army by working at Ireland Army Community Hospital. 

After working in different medical practices for several years, Dr. Timothy Williams and his wife moved to Plant City, Florida and opened up the Plant City Pediatrics office. Dr. Timothy Williams has been fostering the growth and development of Plant City Pediatrics from day one. Recently, he helped lead Plant City Pediatrics through a move to a larger office capable of accommodating the clinic’s expanding client base.

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511 W. Alexander St, Suite 2
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