PeoplePond - Providing increased visibility and trust for personal brands


Build a Trusted Platform to Create More Visibility to Your Personal Brand

A PeoplePond profile is much more than a professional-looking Web page, more than one Web page that appears when people search Google for you. Your upgraded profile enables you to teach the top search engines about where to find and to rank high the social media, social networking and other Web sites where the best of your online identity and personal brand are located.

Make it easy for everyone to discover your entire online identity whenever they find any one part. PeoplePond also enables you to demonstrate to your followers that you are who you say you are and that your social media accounts, blogs and other online assets are really yours, not created by someone else trying to spoof your identity. PeoplePond gives you access to advanced personal identity verification and online service authentication so you can create a trusted platform from which to promote your personal brand.

The development team includes many of the same people who spent a decade developing the first search engine optimized (SEO) press release platform that revolutionized its industry. They have now applied this knowledge and experience to create an SEO platform exclusively for people and personal brands. As a result, PeoplePond profiles will rank well in the search engines and their associated social media content will receive an organic lift as well.

"Our goal is to do for people what we did for the press release. We are elevating personal brands through a powerful SEO platform. PeoplePond will create brand advocates from employees, partners, stakeholders and evangelists," said David McInnis, the innovative mind who conceptualized PeoplePond.


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Company Snapshot

Founded - 2009
Operating Subsidiary
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Privately Held
Funding - Private

Contact Info

Corporate Office
2069 Main Street
Ferndale, WA 98248 USA

+0 360-483-8441

email david@