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OptiMine delivers a minimum increase in performance of 25 percent or more for qualified paid-search advertising accounts, and offers a performance-based pricing guarantee that is unique in the industry.

OptiMine’s bid optimization software forecasts the performance of each paid search ad placement each day and automatically sets optimal bids. The company's predictive analytics software trains up to 24 mathematical models per keyword each week and examines more than 100 variables to automatically maximize keyword performance daily.

Where other solutions cluster keywords to aggregate enough data to perform their modeling processes – especially in the tail terms with sparse clicks and conversions – OptiMine assesses each keyword individually from the head through the extreme tail. If a keyword has any conversion data at all, OptiMine will determine its optimum bid.

OptiMine Software was founded by software executives with experience in using predictive analytics and data mining to improve paid search marketing performance. OptiMine is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, and backed by Hummer Winblad Venture Partners of San Francisco, California and Calumet Venture Fund of Madison, Wisconsin.

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