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Oom Yung Doe, the Grandmaster ‘Iron’ Kim style, teaches eight martial arts. Anyone who has reached a higher level of skill and ability in Traditional Martial Arts, has had to follow the same path - proper techniques, proper pressure points, and proper herbal formulas. Many can say how good they are, but few are able to demonstrate an incredible level of skill and ability. Without the ability to demonstrate such skill, one does not have the understanding of how to teach others the proper methods. However, with such skill one can give the gift of life - teaching someone how to improve mind, body, and inner self.

One of the eight martial arts taught in Oom Yung Doe is Ship Pal Gae or 18 weapons. Some of the weapons taught are Jong Bong, Kom, Doe, Dong Bong, Yung Chun Doe, Sang Doe, Sang Kom, Chung Yung Doe, and Chu Chuk Bo. Due to language, dialect and cultural differences, names of the weapons have varied over time. Other names used to represent the weapons taught in Oom Yung Doe are staff, long staff, bo staff, single edge sword, broadsword, nine ring broadsword, kendo shinai, tai chi sword, nunchakus, fighting fans, steel fans, ninja swords, kung fu sword, hooked swords, sai, and three section staff, amongst others.

Forms are soft and hard and develop flexibility, coordination, strength and speed. The mind, body and weapons used must be as one. Strong eye contact is maintained with the opponent, and movements are usually offensive.

Weapons practice develops strong mental focus and sharpness. Proper weapon training requires use of unused muscles and activates areas of the brain not normally used in daily life. This increases one’s overall capability and potential, and can significantly slow the deterioration (aging) of the mind. Throughout history practitioners have reached enlightenment through proper weapons training. These forms and techniques are only taught to qualified practitioners.

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