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In the last twenty years we have caught a small glimpse of what the internet is to become, the most important tool of communication on the planet. Companies from pharmacutical to local dry cleaning have migrated to social media networking and internet marketing as a cornerstone of their customer outreach programs. In many, if not most cases, fortune® 5oo companies are being completely out-marketed by startups with active(not reactive) social media approaches. 
A creatively designed website and network, kept fresh and active, gives local business a real chance at [b]national markets[/b] and "found you on google" business leads. This networking and website optimization process can push your local competitors down the ladder of google search returns. The search companies want to deliver fresh, informative results and that's what we deliver. When netometry optimizes a website for local search results we regularly find that site within national or global keyword phrase returns pages.  
We)) have [b]8 years[/b] of website design and business network optimization [b]experience[/b], now popularly known as SEO and SMO. We’ve been "optimizing" websites considering google returns since before the term SEO existed. We're also skilled copywriters and content managers. We've researched across the spectrum of human thought and published articles and websites dealing with physics, sporting, art, chemistry, construction, manufacturing, medicine and more. 
We are [b]Section 508 certified[/b] by the United States General Services Administration.
Netometry integrates our clients concepts with the most modern content management systems, customizing all html, php, meta data, and URL’s for optimal indexing by major and minor information services including Google® Youtube® Twitter® Yahoo® Facebook® Bing® and over a hundred more around the world. All of our design services produce optimized results. We create websites that will be indexed thoroughly and favorably. This includes client product videos, images, feeds and shopping carts.
We have over 8 years of “vertical reach” experience in what wikipedia calls “a relatively new field in the internet search” -’wiki 09′. We understand nuances of search engine optimization process and search returns theory that our limited competition has yet to contemplate. We do not use the much less creative ‘spam’ techniques so common in the “seo” industry today. We use Viral Mapping, Target Market and Keyword Research, Web Analytics and netrometry processes to achieve lasting results. 
[url=][/url]Our network has reached at least 46 countries in the last 30 days( Aug 9, 2010)
[b]So could yours.[/b]
Do you want to reach more potential customers via [url=]google[/url](r) and social media networks such as [url=]twitter[/url](r) & [url=]facebook[/url](r), and [url=]youtube[/url](r)? Netometry planning is [b]original, creative, optimized[/b], and [i]will[/i] improve your search returns presence. Call Stephen @ 978-799-1119 to discuss your business plan and adding social networking and marketing to it. 
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Or call me @ [b]978-799-1119[/b] for a free estimate.
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Netometry Internet Solutions.

Netometry designers(Stephen & Mary) have nearly 10 years of website design and management experience. This includes experience within several industries including Wedding Services, Information, Engineering, Construction, Medical, Manufacturing & Retail Management. We also have experience copyrighting, moderating large amounts of user generated website content and optimizing images for image search.  Our Web Coordinator is Section 508 certified by the USGSA for accessible website design.

We offer custom Website Design and consulting, Internet Advertising(including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace & Google Places management), and SEO services. Call Stephen @573-693-8874 to set up a meeting at your Lake of the Ozarks region business. This includes Camdenton, Osage Beach, Versailles, Eldon, Warsaw, Lake Ozark, Linn Creek, Hurricane Deck, Sunrise Beach, Laurie, Gravois Mills, Bagnell and more


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