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Modern Bachelor Lifestyle

Modern Bachelor Lifestyle was created by Nick Gable as a way to chronicle his evolution from normal quiet guy to that guy that has it all figured out. He focuses on four main categories of development for the modern bachelor to improve in - health and fitness, personal image, dating and being social, and general lifestyle and success principles.  

A lot of the content on Modern Bachelor Lifestyle is still a work in progress, so to speak. While Mr. Gable has come a long way from the WoW-playing, socially anxious, generally pessimistic 150-pound white boy he used to be (although he's still blindingly white), he still has a long way to go. Thus, like fine scotch, Modern Bachelor Lifestyle is a craft blend of his existing knowledge, and cool stuff he's still learning about and experimenting with on his journey of self-improvement.

Although currently just a blog, Nick hopes to add a wide variety of content to MBL in the near future. The idea is to make the site the ultimate online encyclopedia of bachelorhood for guys to reference. Some soon-to-be features include:

  • A style gallery with unique style archetypes
  • A workout encyclopedia for any fitness goal
  • A motivational shrine for when your ass needs a little kicking
  • Modern Bachelor profiles of guys who walk the walk
  • So be sure to check back in over the coming weeks as these features come online.

    Remember, this is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.


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