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Minnesota Public Employees Association (MNPEA)

Director: Mike Golen - President: Dave Deal - Legal Counsel: Rob Fowler


Members of the Minnesota Public Employee Union formed the MNPEA (Minnesota Public Employees Association, Inc.) out of dissatisfaction with the representation provided by larger national and international organizations. MNPEA members do not have to pay high monthly fees in these economically difficult times. Starting out with a $25 initiation fee, members of the MNPEA only have to pay $39 per month for their subsequent membership. The union’s rates are locked in until 2016, and reductions are made to the fees for individuals making an hourly wage of less than $15.60. Offering exclusive representation to public employees within the state of Minnesota, the MNPEA’s region-specific focus ensures stronger support for its members.

The MNPEA’s agents and board answer directly to their members, who have the authority to overrule board decisions under the organization’s constitution. The MNPEA’s constitution is a pioneering approach in labor representation. While larger unions have representatives who travel across the country to attend conferences and conventions, MNPEA representatives remain at home in order to improve the lives of union members in practical ways. While the representatives of other unions may receive pay raises with no fiscal transparency, the MNPEA makes all its financial records open to its members.

The Minnesota Public Employees Association, Inc., adheres stringently to the Minnesota Public Employees Labor Relations Act. Accordingly, bargaining units seeking to join the union must abide by the rules set by the Bureau of Mediation Services.

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