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LeapFish is a multimedia search aggregator that retrieves results from several of the top search portals, including Google, Yahoo, Live Search, Blogs, Videos, Shopping and other popular search engines. Unique, fresh, new, a lifeline to a breadth of relevant information. That is what LeapFish is for the user. LeapFish was launched to address the increased flow of new, abundant and relevant information through empowering Internet users with a unique, bold and radically simple way of accessing the web in a single search. LeapFish consolidates fragmented information from multiple sources and major web portals like Google, Ebay, YouTube and numerous social media outlets (blogs and social networks) and breaks it into simple and wider reaching results for the user

LeapFish’s purpose is to gather, organize and render the most relevant information from the internet’s most valuable destinations for each user search entry, in one single search.

The search engines obtains its notability by how they display their results. LeapFish does not combine and reorder search results. It allows the user to set what and who they want to obtain results from. FastCompany Robert Scoble, Mercury News and others have deemed LeapFish as an innovative new search engine pushing the Power of Search 2.0. Ben Behrouzi the Co founder of LeapFish.com is a serial entrepenuer from the bay area. Prior to DotNext Behrouzi co-founded Reply.com at the age of 20, a leading lead generation portal for service professionals in real estate, automotive, home improvement and lending.  As Chief Technology Officer and Chief of Product, Behrouzi lead the company in the full detailed architecture and engineering of Reply.coms service products and state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, working to grow the company to multi-million annual revenues and over $17 million in funding.  Ben Behrouzi is a frequent consultant for young founders and startup organizations in the San Francisco bay area and has been featured on FastCompany TV, NBC, Fox Business News, MercuryNews and other networks and publications.

LeapFish.com  is a privately held corporation headquartered out of CARR America Corporate Center in Pleasanton California, 45 minutes east of San Francisco.

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Company Snapshot

Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Privately Held
Funding - Private

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LeapFish Inc
4420 Rosewood Drive, Suite 2550
Pleasanton, California 94588 USA