Ketuv, Fine Art Ketubahs - Fine art ketubahs

Ketuv, Fine Art Ketubahs

Arielle and Maya, two New York-based artists, met while working as art administrators at a non-profit organization in midtown Manhattan.

In 2009, Arielle decorated a ketubah for a family friend. Watching the bride and groom sign the ketubah before their wedding, she was moved: it was the first time she saw her artwork used in such a meaningful way.

A few months later, she received another ketubah request, and then another, and decided it might be time to take wedding artwork more seriously.

Around the same time, Maya was focusing on helping working artists market their talents through the curation of unique project and exhibition opportunities. She recognized an opportunity in Arielle’s budding ketubah business to gather a group of talented and motivated artists to make fine art ketubahs.

They formed Ketuv with an interest in the intersection between contemporary Jewish culture and the arts, as well as a passion for exploring functional, sustainable roles for the artist in society.

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