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Descended from the Kelloggs who headed west with the Donner party in 1846 but crossed the Sierra Nevada Mountains before their less fortunate fellow travelers became trapped, the family has owned and operated Kellogg Garden Products in California for more than 85 years. The company markets an array of top-selling soils, mulches, fertilizers, and additives to bring flower and vegetable gardens and lawns to life. Kellogg Garden Products offers soil and fertilizer rebates and donates supplies and services to a number of community organizations promoting gardening and environmental stewardship.

Founded in the 20th century but focused on the 21st, Kellogg Garden Products offers an informative how-to video at and shares a depth of knowledge on the firm’s website, Visitors can view or download the Kellogg Garden Products brochure; learn how to grow tomatoes, plant a raised garden, or create a healthy lawn; and utilize a soil calculator. The site, available in English and Spanish, also includes a Kids’ Corner, frequently asked questions about gardening, testimonials, and a location to download apps.

Dedicated to educating youngsters about the natural environment and building character through planting seeds and bulbs and watching them grow, Kellogg Garden Products supports school-garden projects by donating products. The firm assisted The New City School-Long Beach Boulevard, which leased property to construct an urban farm, and Tustin Memorial Academy, where students plant and harvest fruits and vegetables. Kellogg Garden Products also contributes products and labor for The Environmental Media Association’s mission to introduce urban students to the natural world.

A member of the California Association of Nursery and Garden Centers, Kellogg Garden Products also holds memberships in the California Green Industry Council and the U.S. Composting Council. The Kelloggs donated the family home to the Heritage Museum of Orange County in Santa Ana, near where H. Clay Kellogg, Sr., discovered the amazingly productive black soil that would become Nitrohumus, Kellogg Garden Products’ original product.

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