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Focusing on aiding students of all grades and at all levels of education, the New York City-based admissions counseling firm IvyWise, helps students identify and gain admission to their best-fit schools. The firm employs a unique methodology to ensure student success based on each student’s unique goals and attributes. 

Staffed by education professionals, including former admissions officers and tutoring experts, IvyWise maintains a low 10-to-1 student-to-counselor ratio, ensuring that counselors can maintain a strong and personal relationship with their students, building customized plans that allow them to apply to a balanced list of best-fit schools. Through counseling and their own research, students gain extensive knowledge of the schools they wish to attend and are able to make informed decisions about their choices. IvyWise counselors help students plan out their high school curricula to in a way that allows students to explore and develop their interests and talents and prepare for their college and long-term goals.

Students can receive help with brainstorming essays and personal statements, compiling portfolios and extracurricular resumes, and identifying potential sources for letters of recommendation, as well as preparing for college visits and interviews.

In addition to encouraging academic success through grades, GPA, class rank, and standardized test scores, IvyWise encourages students to make an impact through their extracurricular and community service activities. 

The firm counsels students already in college or college graduates who are considering attending graduate schools, including law, medical, and business schools. IvyWise works closely with graduate school applicants throughout the admissions process, identifies and recommends schools that will be the best academic and social fits for the student, as well as academic programs and research opportunities for the student to pursue.

Once the student and the IvyWise counselor develop a well balanced list of schools, they work out a plan to prepare for each schools’ admission processes, including choosing prerequisite coursework and preparing for graduate-level standardized tests like the LSAT, GRE, and MCAT.

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