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Frank LaMark took his skill and interest in the industry and turned it into a top internet sales & marketing company from 2004 to 2010. During this time, his company had over 15,000 customers. He helped small business owners with the arduous task of finding the right marketing within budget. Frank LaMark saved owners hundreds, even thousands of dollars.


Frank LaMark has also supported several efforts in revitalizing communities and providing homes for those in need. He has worked with the City of Chicago's and the City of Elgin's community development divisions as well as top home developers and investors in order to renovate neighborhoods, changing dilapidated and unsafe housing into homes for those that qualify for subsidized living support. He also has worked in Louisiana, helping to rebuild communities in the wake of the hurricane disaster.


Frank LaMark's interests go beyond sales & marketing  trends. In his spare time, he donates his money and time to the nonprofit Easter Seals Inc., which helps the disabled become more independent. He enjoys quality time with family and friends as well as traveling and sightseeing. Frank LaMark's other interests include reading and staying in shape with boxing.


Frank LaMark's sales & marketing knowledge is balanced by his studies at College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. He received his Associate degree in Psychology in 1999 from the community college

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