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Edwin Lichtig Pension Income

Edwin Lichtig Pension Income provides options for individuals looking to receive reliable monthly payments, usually over an eight-year period. The company connects people who want to sell their pensions for a lump sum with those looking for an attractive rate of return on their money.


The transaction works like this: Someone like a retired military officer wants to sell a $1,314 per month pension. The buyer pays $100,000 for it. For the next eight years, the buyer receives the pension payments. Over time, he or she receives total payments exceeding $126,000, for an annual rate of return of 6.17%.


Edwin Lichtig Pension Income handles all of the necessary paperwork to put an agreement in place and ensures that the process works smoothly. The company also maintains a reserve fund, from which the buyer will continue to receive payments in the event that the pensioner dies or redirects his or her pension before the end of the eight-year term.


Many individuals wishing to sell their pensions are former government employees, including people retired from the military or law enforcement. Others are lottery winners, corporate retirees with pensions, or persons getting payments from annuities or structured settlements. Pension buyers are free to use their additional monthly income in any way they wish, including to supplement their retirement income, pay for college, or keep up with a mortgage.

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Founded - 2010
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Privately Held
Funding - Private

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