TheRose - Addiction and alcoholism drug rehab center for women


Addiction and alcoholism drug rehab center for women in Newport Beach, Orange County, California. The Rose is the most effective drug rehab for women. TheRose recognize that each woman brings a different background to the treatment process.  We create a personalized treatment program to address each woman's unique issues.  The Rose treats adult women of all ages (from 18 to 70+) and is recognized in the field of addiction treatment as being the top drug rehab for women in need of addiction treatment.

The Rose is able to reach women who have been proven very difficult to treat.  The Rose staff can identify and will address underlying issues like trauma, anxiety, and depression. 

The Rose treatment team uses a wide ranging variety of therapeutic techniques that are grounded in:

  • traditional psychological principles
  • 12-Step work
  • experiential/alternative therapies

The Rose is a small program and when the woman arrives she will undergo a week long "tuck in" period where she will not have contact with the outside world.  Please do not hesitate to set up an appointment to meet our staff and tour our facility. Also, for a glimpse into what the daily life is like at The Rose, please take a look at the schedule.



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Founded - 2000
Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Privately Held
Funding - Private

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The Rose of Newport Beach
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