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Dr. Paul E. Perito

Located in the heart of beautiful Coral Gables, Florida, Perito Urology is considered one of the world’s premier centers for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Dr. Paul E. Perito is the man behind Perito Urology, having founded the center in 2005.

A graduate of the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, Dr. Perito has worked in Australia and Africa, with his overseas work helping create an international studies elective at the University of Maryland. He now demonstrates his revolutionary penile implantation procedure to doctors around the country and abroad. The procedure, called infra-pubic implantation, places the implant above the penis via a small incision, resulting in a less painful surgery, as well as providing a quicker recovery time.

In fact, according to Dr. Perito, this minimally invasive technique often allows patients to resume sexual activity in as little as six weeks. The recovery is less painful, he says, with less risk of infection—something that can be a problem with penile implantations.

Although Perito Urology performs more than 500 penile implant procedures a year, Dr. Perito believes in getting to know each of his patients. Prior to a patient’s procedure, he will provide one-on-one consultations to answer any questions or concerns the patients may have. After a patient’s surgery, Dr. Perito will provide a personal post-operative consultation, reviewing any recovery instructions the patient will need to know.

Dr. Perito’s procedure is so revolutionary, he’s often asked to instruct other patients. His work has been featured in numerous medical journals and publications, including The Journal of Urology and the International Journal of Impotence Research: The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

A member of the National Academy of Incontinence Surgeons and the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Dr. Perito also offers other treatments related to men’s health. Urinary incontinence and vasectomy reversal are just two of the procedures he routinely performs. He has clocked more than 3,000 penile implant procedures, and is now able to perform many of his minimally invasive infra-pubic implants in as little as fifteen minutes.

“There is no doubt that the expediency of the procedure dramatically reduces the incidence of complications,” Dr. Perito says. He has perfected a surgery that limits the amount of spongy penile tissue impacted by the implant. By leaving much of this spongy tissue intact, he is able to cut down on discomfort and recovery time.

Many of Dr. Perito’s surgeries are performed at nearby Coral Gables Hospital, a historic facility that has won numerous quality awards.

Dr. Paul E. Perito is recognized as a leader in the field of men’s urology.

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