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DeBruin Medical Center

 Striving to earn the confidence and satisfaction of every patient, the DeBruin Medical Center upholds a professional philosophy that emphasizes a coordinated, detailed, and personalized approach to medical care and disease prevention.

Under the direction of Dr. Mark DeBruin, the DeBruin Medical Center aims to exceed the limitations of other health care facilities. With an emphasis on the patient-physician relationship, the DeBruin Medical Center provides a comprehensive array of conventional family medicine, LipoLaser and cosmetic treatments, and weight management services. Conveniently located within one office, the DeBruin Medical Center offers newborn and pediatric care, immunizations, X-rays, physicals, and minor surgical procedures. The center also maintains an on-site pharmacy and offers drug testing, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and spinal manipulation. In addition to an exclusive medical weight management program designed to help patients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, the DeBruin Medical Center recently implemented a new Laser Center. Specializing in cosmetic LipoLaser treatments for body contouring and spot fat reduction, the Laser Center uses an advanced semiconductor diode laser that allows for quick and painless weight reduction procedures.

To provide prompt, accessible service to everyone, the DeBruin Medical Center also offers discounted concierge medical care to assist families and individuals without health insurance. Known as DeBruin Medical Community Care, the program stresses preventive medicine and offers a range of family and pediatric services at affordable prices. More information on the DeBruin Medical Center can be found online at

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