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D&M Auto Leasing

Drivers who turn to D&M Leasing for their vehicle needs have a wide variety of options to consider, all of which provide excellent value.

As the nation’s largest consumer car lease provider, D&M Leasing leverages its market position to obtain volume discounts that translate to incredibly competitive pricing. The company offers customers complete freedom to select the exact cars that they want, starting with basic choices like make and model but also including luxury amenities such as heated seats or satellite radio.

In many cases, especially if a customer is interested in a popular model, D&M Leasing might already have that vehicle on hand; if not, the company works to acquire it specifically for that customer. For clients who do not require the latest model, D&M Leasing suggests its fleet of lease-return cars. Though clients interested in this option obviously must choose from among the vehicles available, the large quantity of leases that the company fills on an ongoing basis provides an excellent selection that satisfies most tastes.

D&M Leasing makes these cars available for purchase on a limited basis, offering them over the Internet for two weeks after they return from service. Typically, auto dealers purchase lease-return vehicles at low prices and then resell them at a profit. By giving consumers the opportunity to purchase these vehicles directly, however, the company eliminates one step in the supply chain and helps its customers save money.

Regardless of which option customers choose, D&M Leasing streamlines their path to a new vehicle by assisting them in selling their old vehicle. In some cases, the company actually purchases the customer’s car, while in others, the company aids the customer in finding a third-party buyer. Either way, D&M Leasing, serving the metropolitan areas of Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, ensures that customers receive good prices on their old vehicles. 

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Founded - 1976
Size - 100 - 1,000 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

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D&M Auto Leasing - Grand Prairie, TX
2505 N. Highway 360
Grand Prairie, TX 75050 US

+1 817-355-3273

email dmleasing@

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