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DJS Home Experts is inspired to bring hope to people who feel that their current home situation is the end of their story. If you have a dream of home ownership, then we are here to assist in bringing that dream to reality. If you are faced with the lost of your home or have lost your home due to foreclosure, then we are here to give hope that this is not the end of your story. We want to help with establishing/building or re-establishing/rebuilding credit again to either own your first home or rebound from the loss of one, and enter into home ownership again. 

Due to the historical down turn of the U.S. economy during the end of 2008, DJS Home Experts was formed to bring hope to a vast amount of people who have given up and/or lost so much.  We buy, sell wholesale property and/or provide lease options. We not only represent ourselves, but we also have several investors in and out of the area that we help find, rehab, rent out, and manage properties. Some of these properties we will buy and hold, some of them we will sell to other investors, and some we will buy, fix up and flip. 

We can arrange creative, legal and ethical ways to buy property or assume mortgages from people who need help. 

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Company Snapshot

Founded - 2009
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

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Conyers, GA
70 Christian Woods Dr
Conyers, GA 30013 USA

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