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Organizations using Cryoserver’s email archiving appliance can:

  • Satisfy a growing demand for data retention and production.
  • Secure their employees’ privacy.
  • In dispute situations, they can access critical information.
  • Eliminate dependence on email back-up tapes.
  • Save employees’ time and the organization’s money.
  • Provide access only to an investigating employee.
  • Limit searches to specific areas.
  • “Now that emails are a legally binding form of communication, more organizations realize they need ways to preserve, secure, and access emails,” Bingeman observes. “Cryoserver’s email archiving software and appliances have allowed many customers to operate their email systems more efficiently and quickly.”

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    Company Snapshot

    Founded - 2000
    Size - 1 - 25 Employees
    Type - Privately Held
    Funding - Private

    Contact Info

    Cryoserver is a forensic email archiving and email compliance solution providing a complete repository of emails sent to, from
    107-111 Fleet Street London EC4A 2AB
    Los Angeles, California 90036 US

    +44 800-280-0525

    email cryoserver.bingeman@

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