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A Millicorp company, ConsCallHome was founded with the intention of creating a secure and affordable method through which individuals and families could communicate with their incarcerated friends and loved ones and not be forced to pay inflated long-distance charges often assessed by penitentiaries.

In developing and launching this cost-effective service, ConsCallHome worked closely with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and regulatory attorneys to ensure it operated within all governmental boundaries.

The ConsCallHome service works by providing individuals and families with access to a phone line that charges local rates for contacting the prisons where their loved ones are held, and visa versa, even if the facility would fall within long-distance charges by a traditional telecommunications firm. In federal penitentiaries, where 300 minutes per month of phone time would cost roughly $69 for a BOP (Bureau of Prisons) Direct Line, ConsCallHome charges $18.80 for the same monthly minutes, a savings of nearly 75 percent. For state, county, and city prisons, the majority of these facilities use collect or pre-paid phone services that can amount to as much as $8 per minute, meaning a subscription with ConsCallHome would provide considerable savings.

In addition to significantly cutting down on the costs of calling home for inmates, the service uses existing infrastructure and prison security monitoring technologies, keeping it safe and legal.

ConsCallHome offers four unique calling plans that work with any pre-paid account that a facility already maintains with its mandated phone provider. Each plan includes free rollover minutes, live customer-service support seven days a week, and additional available minutes if needed.

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Founded - 2000
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

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Fort Myers, FL 33919 US

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