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The Birth of Chapman Catering equipment limited

Well where do i start? My name is Ian Chapman and I have been working in the catering equipment business since the tender age of 16. I have started at the bottom of the pile and worked my way all the way up to area sales manager which was the last role I held. I worked for one  company in Blackburn  for most of my working life, due to the fact I base a lot on loyalty, as most of my customers already know. In August last year the company which I was working for started to get into troubles  and I realised that I had to make a decision and soon.

The decision was made - not as you would expect in a boardroom but whilst chilling out in a Tunisian swimming pool under the blazing sun. My wife and I started to discuss what we should do and we couldn't see any good reason to not set up on my own company as I already had most of the contacts, and as I mentioned earlier, loyal (there is that word again) customers. So Chapman Catering equipment Limited was born........

I may not come across as your run of the mill salesman. This is because I firmly believe in having a two way relationship with all my clients based on trust and honesty, not flannel or pushiness. 

If, after reading this, you feel that you would like to do business with Chapman Catering Equipment, then please contact me on 07817636758.

Company Snapshot

Founded - 2008
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private
Ticker - Kitchen Eq

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preston, lamcashire pr2 1ys england,uk

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