CPR My Career - A modern day career placement firm.

CPR My Career

CPR My Career is a modern day career placement firm. Drawing on over 5 years of experience, the techniques we employ are truly one of a kind. We walk you through the job seeking process utilizing cutting-edge technology, career coaching and valuable insight that has been put to the test by our clients all over the country. At the same time we’ve partnered up with retirement consultants across the country, who’s sole mission is to help individuals improve their future in retirement. We’re confident that you’re experience with us will be life-changing and incomparable to any other services.

CPR My Career’s mission is to revolutionize the way our clients perceive their job search. By exposing them to the mistakes millions of job seekers make daily, providing them with the necessary tools, and teaching them what it really takes to be productive in their search, we aim to open people’s eyes to a way of job searching that has been proven effective by the thousands of people we have helped so far.

All careers end with retirement. When we say we help you beginning to end , we mean it. That is why we’ve partnered up with retirement specialists all over the country to provide great, free insight on retirement, from a professional. Their goal is simple. To clarify misconceptions, provide clear, concise information, and help you create a strategy for retirement that fits your lifestyle. They work with you to achieve a plan that will address issues such as reduced sources of income, increased life expectancies, and market volatility.

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Founded - 2004
Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Public Company
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