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An online marketing tool, information center shop front, an effective booking system, an image gallery or the ability to conduct polls? We can develop the web application for you.

Our website applications are customized to fit your specific needs, while remaining cost-effective for your company. And every project is developed using our proven methodology.

We use leading database and development technologies, like the highly scalable MySQL database technology, coupled with the open-source PHP programming language. This ensures your website development project will be robust and able to grow with you changing requirements.

Easy to use back-end user administration systems will help you to efficiently manage your website. And with your content management system (CMS) in place, you’ll be able to update and maintain your web pages from anywhere in the world.

The list of tried-and-tested web applications and functionality that we’ve developed for our clients is below, but if you’re after something out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Online Marketing

The beauty of your website design and the slickness of its functionality are all pretty useless if nobody can find you in the vastness of the web.

One of the biggest frustrations for a website owner is the lack of traffic to their site, especially when a competitor with an inferior website is attracting much more business! The reality is that simply publishing your website on the internet will not bring success: you must be committed to its ongoing promotion.

Compliments structured online marketing campaigns will help your business succeed on the internet by harnessing the power of new media, whilst integrating with your existing marketing strategy.

Internet marketing is many-facetted, and may appear to be daunting, but we are more than happy to discuss and clarify the benefits of any of the components – from pay-per-click advertising, to optimising your web content for search engines.

We will also be able to provide clear reports and statistics on the effect that individual aspects of your integrated online marketing are having.

Here are some of the ways that we will be able to help you promote your business on the internet.

Website Support

Continually fine-tuning your website and keeping it up-to-date needn’t be hard labour – all you need is a back-up team.

The maintenance and updating of your website is vital to its continuing success. Having current content not only makes your business look good, but can help in improving your search engine rankings.

Update your web content

With Compliments, you can rest easy knowing that your website maintenance is in experienced hands. Just call or email us your changes and we will upload the new content.

Our experienced and professional website maintenance and support team will make any of the following changes to your website quickly and cheaply:

* Product changes and additions* Pricing changes* Calendar updates* General content changes* Image changes* Highlighting specials or sales* Company news updates

Additional web maintenance services:

You want your website visitors to keep coming back, and you also need to know if your website promotion is hitting the mark. As well as doing standard web content updates, contracting XTmotion for your website maintenance also gives you access to the following skilled services, including:

* Copy writing* Website analysis* Graphic designing* Flash animation designing* Search engine optimisation* Online marketing* Programming

We have the latest technologies and knowledge to ensure that your website maintains its relevance and keeps improving.

Blog Solutions & Integrated Blog Systems

So you’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and are thinking of maybe setting up one of your own. But where do you start ?

Or maybe you already have a blog but want to try a different blog engine? How do you know which blog engine is best suited to your particular way of working, the computing platform you or your hosting company uses, and the programming languages you know? Designing a blog that works for you can be complex.

Corporate Blogging For Business

Blogging about your business can be a very successful way of both keeping existing customers coming back and allowing new customers to discover you, especially if you have somewhat niche or exciting products to market. It is a great way to build brand awareness and customer trust in your brand and can be a great asset to set you apart from the competition. We can help you right from the start, by offering advice on blog design and on what and how you could blog. We can then integrate the blog into your existing website or design and build you something completely separate.

Personal Blogs

Blogging is huge, with websites like Myspace, Blogger and allowing everyone and their dog to start a blog within minutes. And blogs are no longer just about words: video blogs, music blogs, graphic blogs – they can be used to display and discuss any medium that can be uploaded.

Serious bloggers soon outgrow these mass production blog sites however and need somewhere of their own. We can sort you out with a blog that is all yours, with a design that speaks for you, and on your very own domain name. We can host it, design it, build it and support you going forward: you can have a completely customised blog solution.

Blog Integration

If you have an existing website, Compliments can assist you in integrating your blog into it, we can match the design of your blog to that of your current website, and make sure everything works seamlessly.

Either way, let us save you a lot of time and frustration.

Industry Directories & Business Directory Solutions

Whether directories are your core business, or just an extra to make your business run more smoothly, we can supply a business-specific solution.

A well-constructed, easy-to-use online directory is the foundation for many core business functions. It allows you to streamline your processes, provide better service to clients and customers, and, in the info-hungry world of today, make sure that you and your employees can access the information you need almost instantaneously.

You may want a public or private directory that is industry-specific, or one that combines numerous categories and sub-categories. One to which you can add images or video clips, or perhaps reviews?

Whatever your requirements, we can develop a solution that will incorporate the information fields that are necessary for your business directory to be as comprehensive or slim-line as you need it to be.

Image & Photo Gallery Solutions

Photos and graphic images can tell your story, sell your products, and entertain and inform your clients and customers.

When dealing with the impatience of a web-savvy public, images and photos need to be easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate if they’re going to work for your business in any way. And from the website owner’s point of view, they also need to be easy to administer and keep up-to-date.

A well-planned Image & Photo Gallery Solution makes this possible. It lets you store, retrieve and update your online photos with ease. It allows you to add captions, create albums and link galleries to specific projects or events. It will also save you time in automatically formatting your photos to a specified size.

And our online photo gallery system, once customised for your organisations needs, will be integrated with your other website applications and the structure and design of your website.

Website Video & Web Video Applications

Wow your website visitors with a unique video and multimedia experience.

No matter what the strengths of the web as a communication medium, TV still tops when it comes to delivering a message with minimum user input. But the separation of the two mediums is a thing of the past. By integrating video into your website you really can ’speak’ to your visitors while you ‘look them in the eye’, because web video allows you the double whammy of delivering both an audio and a visual message. And whereas previously video was an expensive medium when it came to getting it into the public domain, now it is effectively free. One need only consider the popularity and power of YouTube to appreciate its value.

Web video – beyond entertainment

And the uses of web video are not limited to entertainment, promotion and marketing. Video podcasts are increasingly being used in the e-learning arena – in paid learning programmes as well as on public information websites. They can be used to add a valuable service to consumers or to train employees. Anything from flatpack furniture instructions to postgraduate lectures on emergency medicine can be captured and shared globally via web video.

In addition video is also becoming increasingly popular with event organisers: now an event’s keynote speaker can suddenly be marketed to a world-wide audience as opposed to merely attendees.

Compliments can help you identify opportunities for exploiting the moving image for your business. We can advise on appropriate formats, best practice, and the most effective integration to give you the added power of web video.

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