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ArticlePond is a Different Kind of Article Marketing Service

Over a decade ago we did the impossible. We took on the fifty-year old newswire industry and completely transformed the way business and consumers use press releases. We demonstrated that the press release was not only an effective way to communicate with the media, but that it is a powerful marketing document.

Today we continue to help individuals and companies build and promote their brands online.  As part of this effort we are looking closely at article distribution practices. Our goal is to question everything. Why, for example, should we restrict marketers from including links within the body of their articles? Especially since these links can be programmatically removed at distribution time based on the needs of the individual publisher.  

So, what makes ArticlePond different?

1. We do not limit the number of resource boxes you can store in our system.

2. ArticlePond does not limit you to a single category. Choose more than one category as required. Just make sure that your article is a proper fit for each category selected. Remember, all articles are reviewed by human editors.

3. ArticlePond allows you to embed links within your article. We expect that this will become a popular feature and many will follow our lead. We allow removal of these links without "bruising" your copy when we deliver it to distribution networks.

4. Choose your distribution date. This allows you to build an article stack that is distributed based on your schedule.

5. Upload an image to accompany your article.

6. Link to other profiles including AuthorPond, CompanyPond, PeoplePond and whatever we come up with next.

We look forward to helping you with your content marketing. Why not get started today. Click here to submit your articles.

About Traffic Shapers

AuthorPond is a service of Traffic Shapers, LLC. Traffic Shapers has created a network of websites dedicated to promoting people, places and things. Founded by online PR, marketing and search engine optimization pioneer David McInnis, these sites are strategically architected to drive online visibility for personal and commercial brands online.

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