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America's Home Program

America's Home Program (AHP) seeks to assist prospective home buyers with the entire purchasing process.

Based in Tampa, Florida, America's Home Program features five divisions: AHP, Inc.; AHP Mortgage, Inc.; AHP Real Estate, Inc.; AHP National Title Company, Inc.; and AHP Insurance Company, Inc. America's Home Program, Inc., includes a team that runs the Home Member Applicant (HMA) program, which guides and prepares prospective buyers through the process for a monthly fee.

As the parent entity, AHP, Inc., also facilitates interactions among the other divisions. The mortgage division enables financing for prospective buyers by relying on a network of wholesale traditional lenders, as well as private and commercial lenders, and its team prepares borrowers to meet lenders' requirements. 

Having completed more than 7,000 property transactions, AHP's real estate division includes a team that has collaborated with sellers and buyers, as well as investors. The real estate company has also enabled occupants to purchase homes that they previously rented. Once an HMA becomes eligible for permanent financing, he or she will interact with the mortgage, title, and insurance divisions at America's Home Program to complete their transactions.

AHP National Title Company supports closings in various phases, including permanent and preliminary financing, as well as event financing. The title company offers expertise in title insurance policies, in addition to transactional trust and national bulk closings. 

AHP Insurance Company also supports HMAs who purchase properties through the firm. The division leverages relationships with insurance providers to protect home and auto assets, as well as fund health care needs and supply life insurance. The insurance company offers extensive expertise in protecting investment and foreclosed properties throughout the country.

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Company Snapshot

Founded - 2006
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

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America's Home Program
P.O. Box 13413
Tampa, FL 33681 US

+1 (813)977-2727

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