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Advanced Cleanroom Microclean CEO and founder Janet Ford sets the industry standard for cleanrooms. As one of 11 delegates of the Technical Advisory Group, Ms. Ford holds the responsibility to edit, review, and recommend changes to ISO 14644 cleanroom standards.

With a degree in microbiology and business administration as well as experience as a sales representative in cleaning products, Ms. Ford possesses all of the expertise necessary to maintain the smooth operation of Advanced Cleanroom Microclean. Certified by the ISO, Advanced Cleanroom Microclean will clean facilities to ISO Standards 14644 – 1 and 2.

The company provides complete packages that begin with the construction phase and continue through routine cleaning and inspection. The firm's service prevents the degradation that occurs within all cleanroom environments, removing 96 percent of the particles within the room. Since areas within a cleanroom see different levels of usage, Advanced Cleanroom Microclean provides “contamination mapping” which determines the particular surfaces that require more frequent cleaning. These tests include fall-out counts, surface particle detectors, microbial monitoring, and tape methods. Advanced Cleanroom Microclean employs trained certifiers who also perform tests that certify cleanroom facilities to ISO or industry standards. 

In addition to serving as the CEO Advanced Cleanroom Microclean, Janet Ford is also the CEO and founder of Ford Technologies Inc., which produces cleanroom cleaning supplies. Ms. Ford also attends numerous workshops and symposiums to demonstrate and teach the latest cleaning techniques.

Ms. Ford supports Kids of Kilimanjaro, the Santa Ana Zoo, and the Suzanne Buck Ovarian Cancer Fund. The National Association of Professional Women named Janet Ford the Executive & Professional Woman of the Year in 2010 and 2011. 

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