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As some teenagers grow, they acquire various beliefs, behaviors and self-statements that are faulty and distort the truth. These beliefs and behaviors contribute to the feelings of fear, sadness, and anger which produce a behavioral response of addiction, self-abuse and/or a mood disturbance.

The mission of Adolescent Growth, Inc. is to help teens examine and replace faulty beliefs and behaviors with positive and healthy alternatives by excelling at the delivery of quality healthcare and substance abuse care for adolescents.

Adolescent Growth Inc. provides comprehensive short-term residential in-patient, partial hospitalization (day treatment), and intensive outpatient services for male and female youths, ages twelve to seventeen, who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, and learning difficulties which are manifested in mood disturbances and/or substance abuse. Adolescent Growth, Inc.offers proven methods of turning around the lives of teenagers inundated by emotional and behavioral problems. Our compassionate treatment team works in a unique six bed environment, at each location, which provides the individualized attention that a large facility is not capable of offering. Our aim is to empower teens and their families with the knowledge, tools and skills to repair broken parent-child relationships.

Treatment Modalities

Adolescent Growth, Inc. utilizes many different types of therapeutic modalities to access underlying issues. Every person is different and responds differently to various types of therapy. Each modality is designed to reveal information from different angles and pathways into one's self. The varied dynamic approaches available at Adolescent Growth, Inc. provide rich resources to help access these issues and enrich the treatment experience, heightening the chances of one's recovery.

Treatment Team

During a child’s stay at Adolescent Growth, Inc. he/she will receive treatment from an interdisciplinary team of dedicated mental health care professionals. The team consists of an Attending Psychiatrist, Director of Clinical Services, Consulting Psychologists, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Primary Therapists, Director of Operations, Floor Leaders and Client Care Specialists. During an adolescent’s residential stay, he/she will have weekly meetings to formulate treatment goals and identify issues of concern with the treatment team. Adolescent Growth, Inc. places an emphasis on delivering individually appropriate care, and each client is viewed as an integral part of one’s own treatment.

Attending Psychiatrist

The attending psychiatrist at Adolescent Growth, Inc. serves as the team leader, assuming primary responsibility for each patient's medical and psychiatric care.

Director of Clinical Services

The Director of Clinical Services “Director”at  Adolescent Growth, Inc.  helps develop, implement and provide clinical supervision for a quality care treatment plan for each adolescent that enters our programs. Director serves as a member of interdisciplinary team supporting the organization’s treatment program and philosophy and assure thedeliverance of quality treatment to our clients and their families.

Consulting Psychologists

The role of the consulting psychologist at Adolescent Growth, Inc. is to perform psychological testing and provide psychological consultation to assist in treatment planning. The consulting psychologist’s service serves as an integral part of a comprehensive evaluation and treatment program.

Primary Therapists

Primary Therapists at Adolescent Growth, Inc. play a vital role for the clients in our programs. In residential and partial hospitalization treatment, family participation and collaboration are viewed as important aspects of treatment. Primary Therapists at Adolescent Growth, Inc. serve as a liaison between client, treatment team and family. They are available to meet with family members and significant others to address their questions and concerns about treatment. They are available to facilitate family meetings, family communication and family therapy. They are a great resource for psycho-education for family members of clients. In addition, they perform a role in substance abuse evaluations, mandatory reporting for children and elderly at risk, and assist in coordinating the disposition for clients upon discharge.

Group Therapists

The group therapist Adolescent Growth, Inc. serves as a fundamental member of the treatment team and focuses on developing and restoring the skills needed to maintain successful participation in life roles after discharge. Through group treatment sessions, the therapist assists clients in getting back to daily life roles such as self-care tasks, home management activities, and vocational activities, caring for others, leisure pursuits and community activities.

Type of groups offered:

Sensory-motor groups at Adolescent Growth, Inc.  allow clients to use the senses to explore various ways to manage their behaviors and emotions both during their residential stay as well as after discharge. Through movement, vision, hearing and relaxation, clients explore the mind-body connection for managing stress and intense emotions.

Expressive groups at Adolescent Growth, Inc.  are utilized in an open-ended fashion in collaboration with specific topic driven discussions. These sessions help the client develop skills to identify physical, emotional and spiritual manifestations of stress, increase awareness of personal coping mechanisms and problem solve new strategies and behavior patterns to deal with stressful life situations.

Life-skills groups at Adolescent Growth, Inc.  are designed to help clients develop the skills needed to manage everyday life. Through discussion and activities, clients will explore topics such as time management, money management, planning and organization, household management, balancing work, self-care and leisure responsibilities.
Group sessions at Adolescent Growth, Inc.  focus on both the short-term goals and long term goals established with the client, as well as facilitating carryover of the concepts and skills discussed in the group format.

Director Of Operations

Director of Operation assesses, plans, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates options and services required to meet the client's health needs. Adolescent Growth Inc. works collaboratively with the client, family, and treatment team to ensure the highest quality of client care possible and coordinate a comprehensive discharge plan.
Floor Leader

Floor Leaders at Adolescent Growth, Inc.  play a central role in client care. They participate in developing and implementing treatment plans, assist in optimizing environmental and sensory issues, and provide medication teaching. Floor Leaders will familiarize clients with the facility environment, help to involve the client in appropriate group and milieu treatments, assist in setting reasonable goals for treatment, and clarify the client’s treatment plan.

Client Care Specialist

Client Care Specialists at Adolescent Growth, Inc.  works under the supervision of a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker and provide care to assist each adolescent with activities of daily living, and assist with managing the milieu.
Adolescent Growth Inc. works in a unique environment which can help make a positive difference in a troubled adolescent's life.

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