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3 Impressions, inc

Our business name is more than just a name. It reflects the 3 ImpressionsSM way of life. The 3 ImpressionsSM ideology begins from the knowledge that the way we are taught to live and work in today’s modern society doesn’t free us, it confines us. The veil of political correctness meant to allow for tolerance is actually the noose of conformity that not only strangles one’s individuality, it also crushes the life blood of true entrepreneurial business success.

“Real . . . Reflect . . . Revolutionary. . .” SM

The visionary ideology of 3 Impressions, inc and its CEO and Founder, Alison Craig, transforms one from an ordinary mainstream existence to a place that reflects a zealous, passionate, and free spirit who is distinctive and focused in a direction living life on a level unattainable to many. The 3 ImpressionsSM approach is the standard in standing apart in today’s modern conformity.

3 Impressions, inc is a boutique impression management firm that rivals any “big boy” company by offering the highest level of service to their individual and corporate clients as well as their customers. We offer coaching, consulting, and a variety of quality products that assist our current and future clients. Our CEO and Founder, Alison Craig, is also a noted author, speaker, and media personality.

Our Approach:

Our 3 Impressions, inc passion is truly contagious not only for our employees, but for ever single one of our clients and customers. We promote and believe in the ideology that if we all choose to live an authentically honest life and bravely share it with everyone we meet, our lives and businesses will be transformed and envied by all.

We don’t just believe this to be true, we know it. The idea of honesty has gotten a bad rap in today’s current life environment – yet in a day and age where everyone is a little less than honest, authentic honesty can easily become a beacon of life, joy, and financial prosperity.

Our approach on impression management goes beyond the idea of branding. Branding tends to denote a sense of falseness and making the person or company fit the desired image. Our holistic approach to impression management is to assist our clients in understanding and recognizing their true, authentic identity whether it be in business or personally, and in turn show our clients how they can take their new found or newly rediscovered self into all areas of their lives: relationships, both professional or personal, their environments, and their pocket books.

We have found that by living and reflecting a truly authentic life, you naturally attract less C.R.A.P.SM ( Creative Rationalizations that Assault our ProsperitySM) When our clients follow the 3 ImpressionsSM approach and commit to reflecting a truly honest impression of themselves through their personal style, interior style, and their communication styles, joy, prosperity, and sanity abound.

How We Help:

The three main ways we assist our clients and customers are through our coaching programs, consulting endeavors, and the amazing products soon to be available through our online Design House.

The biggest question we get is, “What is the right service for me: coaching sessions or a specific consult?” Well, the best way to have your specific needs assessed is through one of our Complementary Assessments which will soon be available online. These assessments help us help you better understand how we can assist you in achieving your dreams, goals, and desires while focusing on the three most under utilized communication tools we all have: our personal style, interior style, and communication styles.

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Company Snapshot

Founded - 2007
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

Contact Info

60 E Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe, AZ 85281 US

+1 (480) 313-1918

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