10525 Xylon Road Bloomington - 10525 Xylon Road Bloomington

10525 Xylon Road Bloomington

The house at 10525 Xylon Road in Bloomington lies within the Twin Cities metropolitan area in Minnesota. The house is located in a quiet suburban neighborhood, and features a recently completed front-yard landscaping with abundant hostas, day lilies, hydrangea bushes, and a magnolia tree. The front yard also features a grouping of birch trees that has reached a height of 30 feet. These are framed near the front door with a bleeding heart plant, featuring fernlike foliage and hanging heart-shaped flowers. Several other home improvement projects have occurred at the Bloomington residence at 10525 Xylon Road these past several years. The house’s owner recently oversaw the repaving and widening of the front driveway, as well as replacement of the windowed garage door and house siding. In 2009, a new shed was built along the east side of the house, which is also lined with lily of the valley plants. The west side of the house at 10525 Xylon Road features a distinct border of day lilies and alpine currant bushes. The house’s back deck, complete with lattice pergola, was constructed in the 1990s. The spacious back property includes Norway pines and an arbor that supports several varieties of grapes. Over the past twenty years, the house at 10525 Xylon Road in Bloomington has undergone numerous interior upgrades. In 1992, the house’s owner oversaw the completion of a 400 square-foot addition, featuring a walk-in closet and a bath with a shower. The house’s primary level features three bedrooms and three accompanying tile-floored bathrooms. In addition to a dining nook in the kitchen, the Bloomington house features a formal dining room. This room is centered by a floor-to-ceiling fireplace that boasts a mantle handcrafted from oak and a brass-and-glass screen. In choosing home furnishings, the house’s owner takes advantage of the house’s proximity to the Mall of America. Located nearby in Bloomington, this 19-year-old shopping center stands as the largest U.S. mall in terms of total retail space. Extensive walking and cycling trails are located in the vicinity, which offer scenic access to Long Meadow Lake. The Bloomington residence at 10525 Xylon Road has an advantageous location, both for shopping and for relaxing in natural surroundings.

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